Luisa Miller at the Aalto-Theater Essen, November 2001:
The disciplined chorus and orchestra under the direction of Patrik Ringborg sounded excellently.
Nabucco at the Semperoper in Dresden, January 2005:
Happily re-cast

The young Patrik Ringborg made his debut am Pult of the Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden. From the first note he held the musical development in a firm grip with clear gestures and the appropriate verve, leading the musicians to an intensive, yet flexible radiance. The seamless unity between the stage and the pit was extraordinary, and so the singers could feel safe at all times and fully act out their excellence.
Patrik Ringborg conducted the performance carefully and with a differentiated approach.
Il Trovatore at the Gothenburg Opera, February 2001:
But in the orchestra pit there is an important reason to rejoice. The conductor Patrik Ringborg is as of this Summer Principal Guest Conductor of the Gothenburg Opera. Ringborg stresses the relationship with Bellini and Donizetti, hiding specially in this piece. With wonderful light touch and freshness he respects their classical style, a style which requires clarity, elasticity and precision as well as much passion.
The conductor Patrik Ringborg directs the music elastically. Everything is in the right place and the singers get inspiration and all possible attention during the difficult parts. Let us get to know him a little better, he would be right for Copenhagen.
In addition Patrik Ringborg has done a great job with the orchestra ... (the music is marvellous!).
... thanks to the awake music making of the conductor Patrik Ringborg - with orchestra and soli in tempi which make the heart beat faster.
... with a solid and flexible orchestral playing which under the baton of Patrik Ringborg that brings out the melodic elementary power of the music and hits the dramatic accents with precision.
And the orchestra is lead with great precision, it brings us the music in a mosaic of nuances and in a brisk tempo.
The orchestra under Patrik Ringborg ties the performance with a chain holding everything together. It is delightfully well laid out, exposing Verdi's luxuries in melody as well as the rhythmical and the rhetoric punctuation in never indulging tempi; creating contrasts, hatred and violence in the beat of a waltz.
The dramatic effects in Verdi's music have no end. The young conductor Patrik Ringborg brings out all possible fervour from the piece.

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