Andrea Chénier at the Aalto-Theater Essen, February 2003:
... the Essen Philharmonic under Patrik Ringborg implemented the score in a convincing way, whereby especially the lyric parts turned out extraordinary beautiful.
The conductor of the première, Patrik Ringborg, has with the Essen Philharmonic the heated-up music in an illustrative grip...
Conductor Patrik Ringborg brings out the dramatically aroused music - which is genially developed out of the text - with an ensemble of singers well held together, an amazing orchestra and a with agility agitating chorus to overwhelming effect.
Therefore conductor Patrik Ringborg lets the Essen Philharmonic renounce unduly sweet pathos, develops a feast of colours for the ear, emanating in continuos beautiful sound.
Patrik Ringborg leads the Essen Philharmonic with great dramatic flair for the action on stage. Always accompanying, never competing with the actors. Well differentiated he offers us Giordano's music in a consummate interpretation. Long lasting applause from the audience closed a convincing opera evening.
Patrik Ringborg lead the Essen Philharmonic with big, round gestures to a differentiated, precise playing with strength in the point-blank brass.

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