Love for Three Oranges at the Staatstheater Kassel, March 2016:
The singers and the orchestra were most convincing, masterfully conducted by Patrik Ringborg. ... The soundtrack created by general music director Patrik Ringborg and the State Orchestra is at least as impressive as the action on stage. Rhythmically exceedingly succinct, polychromatic and now and again in (dynamically) controlled ecstasy the orchestra moves the story forward, with the famous march theme as a catchy tune. Warm-hearted acclaim in the sold-out opera house.
The singers at least are left with opportunities to shape their musical parts, particularly since general music director Patrik Ringborg with the ideally disposed State Orchestra delivers all varieties of the called-for musical fireworks in a downright immaculate way, thus creating a sound carpet, no, a sound structure as a foundation therefore.
The members of the orchestra under Patrik Ringborg acquit themselves very well, as do all performers. The colourfulness of the music, which sometimes isn't transparent, show a chamber music-like facture. It is wonderful to hear all the combination of the many instruments!
What impressive musical dynamics! ... The voices of the singers are powerful, and the orchestra under the direction of Patrik Ringborg is mastering the dramatic work with its swift changes and many impressionist elements splendidly.
Patrik Ringborg succeeds yet again to prove his flair for sensitive sounds worlds, thus eliciting the Kassel State Orchestra a silvery, loquacious sound. The orchestra sends these bundled harmonies from the depths of the orchestra pit – and Prokofiev's work can also sound like circus music!
It is sharpened through music director Patrik Ringborg's precise grasp of the colourful music, first of all by Prokofiev's typically uncomfortable and irresistible March, slowly and smoothly transforming the merry masks into grimaces.

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