Don Pasquale at the Aalto-Theater Essen, September 2000:
And here we can report a happy occasion at the Aalto-Theater. Patrik Ringborg together with Essen Philharmonic, playing fine and delicately, enticed the highest possible elasticity from the score, with equal portions of wit and warmth. Simply amazing!
Hereby conductor, orchestra and ensemble radiate in such an balanced relationship, that the reviewer felt as if he was attending an opera gala - just in that way this wonderful opera can be enjoyed again.
The young conductor Patrik Ringborg motivated the orchestra in an exemplary fashion, above all the ravishing celli and a dreamlike trumpet solo should be mentioned. A consistent, elastic music-making guaranteed for a perfect Donizetti. Happy the house, that may call such a wonderful conductor its own. Ringborg has a perfect grip on everything; he co-ordinates chorus and ensembles ideally and breathes extremely musically while proving sensitive to all singers. An evening throughout with the most beautiful bel canto brilliance.
Finally the conductor Patrik Ringborg should be praised. Already appreciated since last season as an extremely precise, musical conductor, in whose hands not only the orchestra - the Essen Philharmonic in small, delicate setting - is well taken care of, but on whom the singers also can rely.
What first strikes you is the conductor Ringborg, who transforms every musical mood in body language, gives exact cues and many impulses, and successfully conjures a velvety, fragrant sound. A most differentiated, sometimes ardent interpretation, with a sense for the fine dramatic scale of levels.
Musical pleasure. In the opening of the season, the young conductor Patrik Ringborg made himself a fervent advocate of the work. He is an unyielding perfectionist in the musical implementation and brings the art of the Essen Philharmonic to the highest levels;
Delicately polished with contrast colours, rhythmical flexibility, musical gesture and phrasing, especially in the accompagnato declamation, are exemplary united in Ringborg's conducting. The singers are ideally taken cared of thanks to Ringborg's control of the content. Seamlessly the stage and orchestra are brought together. Every melodic idea by Donizetti is thoroughly shaped and is given individuality as well as a plastic analogy to the story. The singers in Essen are his magnificent musical partners.
Finally the performance of the Essen Philharmonic under Patrik Ringborg should be pointed out, whose interpretation of the overture fully met the idea of a comic opera with descriptive nuances.
... the Essen Philharmonic provides a velvety sound. Patrik Ringborg, Essen's Principal Conductor, stood on the podium allowing the score to flourish in all its facets.
Patrik Ringborg presents with the Essen Philharmonic an elegant resilient melodious Donizetti, feeling committed to precisely plotted ensemble art.
Conductor Patrik Ringborg supervises the witty, soulful score very faithfully with resilient elegance and clear transparency. He cares devotedly for the singers, brought together in agile parlando dialogues and delightfully unconstrained ensembles.
And thus a tiptoeing comedy emerges. Already in the first bars of the overture Ringborg shows the direction. The fine melodies unfold tenderly and elastically, and the Brio-parts get the drive from their intrinsic energy and not from drum rolls.
The conductor Patrik Ringborg joins the young team, showing a great feeling for Donizetti's elegance, occasionally tickling the winds into somewhat loud levels, but being a good partner for the singers. He animates Essen's Philharmonic to well-polished music-making.
Viva la Mamma (Frazzi) at the Aalto Theater Essen, February 1999:
The orchestra under Patrik Ringborg plays along: During scene changes they slander about the singers, one man says "it's really time for a break". And Gehlen himself nearly makes it to the conductor's podium. Delayed Ringborg bursts in, and the stage director disappointed withdraws: "But I flattened your tyres".
The overture is accompanied by loud commands from the conductor: "violas!", "piano!" - naturally without success. But Ringborg has conjured the orchestra into a delicate amusement. They make music in a precise and colourful way, the misfortunate scenes of the opera are approached with palatable dramatic.
Thereby (the music) is ripping. The orchestra sounds resilient and witty under the Swede Patrik Ringborg.
Patrik Ringborg made the Essen Philharmonic play relaxed and buoyant, conjured fluffy ensembles and choruses on stage and gave the soloists time and space to develop.
Exquisite is the tottering chorus of the Opera in their armours and the Essen Philharmonic, bringing out all Donizetti's deliciousness under the sovereign direction of Patrik Ringborg. Enthusiastic approval!
The flexible Essen Philharmonic plays elegantly, palatable and in accustomed first quality under the young Patrik Ringborg (he tows the delightfully confused "understudy conductor" alias Elmar Gehlen from the pit). An E Flat Minor that askew has to be practised!
Patrik Ringborg and the Essen Philharmonic played Donizetti's colourful music with wit and the necessary accurate earnest.
The orchestra sparkles under Patrik Ringborg's vigorous direction, aiming at transparency, playing elegantly and with flexibility.

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