Don Giovanni at the Norwegian National Opera in Oslo, March 2014
The music has elasticity and fullness, there are great individual performances by the singers and in all everything provides us with a wonderful experience...
First and foremost we face a strong musical revelation in this production. The opera orchestra, reduced to 'Mozart size', plays like never before. Elegantly, playfully and sonorously. The young Swede, Patrik Ringborg of the Gothenburg Opera, raised the baton. He has an exceptionally good grip on this and enthusiastically he brings out the best qualities of the orchestra. ...
The strength of this production is the good musical interpretation and the great singing. This caters for a genuine Mozart performance, one that we leave in good spirits! ... It's the music and the reading of it that strongly, that must be emphasized, very strongly raises the level of the performance. Mozart lets us hear many wonderful arias, but there is also room for wit. A few snippets of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring are sneaking in somewhere. Delightful. Fun!
All in all, a solid production and a great experience in Bjørvika awaits the visitor, an experience we can recommend heartily!
The year's production of Don Giovanni is a great musical experience...
Again and again you are fascinated by the amazing musical universes Mozart managed to create in his operas. Not least in Don Giovanni, where the arias and the magnificent orchestral music create a splendid unity. And with such talented soloists as in the new production of The Norwegian Opera, which premiered Saturday night, you can enjoy the music at great depth.
The orchestra played so precisely and melodiously that one can only wish for, and it is rare to experience soloists who suit their roles so well. ...
Conductor and musical director Patrik Ringborg is also bolder than most. He even plays the fortepiano himself in this production, and brings in musical quotes from other Mozart operas, but also from both Carmen and The Rite of Spring as well as, verily, Nokia's famous ringtone.
Musical significance
Therefore, it is tempting to start with the music itself, because the singing and the instrumental playing certainly are this performance's strongest side, from beginning to end. The conductor, Patrik Ringborg, finds exactly the right tempos and delicately forms the orchestral sound.
Musically, however, the performance is an undisputed success. The orchestra of the Norwegian National Opera under the direction of Patrik Ringborg plays beautifully and with great nuances. As expected the music fully meets the composer's intentions, musically as well as on the dramaturgic side.

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