Cavalleria Rusticana at the Gothenburg Opera, October 1999:
... the subliminal threat e.g. in the drinking scene is almost physically perceivable also to the audience, something which also is a merit for the really eminent conductor Patrik Ringborg. Who said anything about a Swedish conductors' crisis?
In fact the orchestra and the chorus sound best. The conductor Patrik Ringborg brings out the transparency and even the esprit of Mascagni's musical language in an extraordinary way.
Patrik Ringborg, newly appointed Principal Conductor at the Opera in Essen, synchronised the orchestral playing and the staged action well and made the well-sounding orchestra of the Opera flourish wistfully tender and full of Italian colours. ... It was striking how you experienced the singing as excellently integrated into the dramatic action, in Cavalleria as well as in I pagliacci.
Radiant, committed, carrying us along! ... The young conductor Patrik Ringborg brings out every inch of the musical effects.
In sheer musical terms a high level was held throughout the evening. The choirs sounded superbly round and the orchestra played with sensibility and fervour under the baton of young Patrik Ringborg, who brought out a nice flexibility in the tempi as well as in the dynamic.
At times the two stagings were magnificent since the depicting, inspired music was extremely touching in Patrik Ringborg's conducting.
Ringborg has brought the orchestra to heights, which might tempt you into closing your eyes and with great complacency simply listen to the sensitive nuances of the score.

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